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Watch Al Iman TV Live TV from Lebanon

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Watch Al Iman TV Live TV from Lebanon
Religious TV Channel / Al-Iman TV channel is a family, cultural TV channel that aims to portray the authentic manifest Islam as founded by the Prophet (p.) and his Household Members (a.s.) in an advanced modern media image that brings together authenticity, contemporaneity and openness to all the issues of society, man and civilized advancement based on the values of the right, justice and supporting the downtrodden. It is also a collective platform for dialogue aimed at the best interest of the nation, and it urges the rejection of fanaticism and backwardness and calls for unity, solidarity and consolidation. The channel hosts a myriad of programmes of different religious, social, cultural and scientific contents, whilst focusing particularly on the contemporary and consolidating Islamic culture, as well as the issues of Islamic unity.

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