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Watch ZIK TV Live TV from Ukraine

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Watch ZIK TV Live TV from Ukraine
General TV Channel / Zik (Western Information Corporation) – a nationwide information channel. The ZIK news agency was created in the summer of 2004. This is the first online agency in Western Ukraine. The ZIK TV channel was first broadcast on September 1, 2010. At that time, the software network included six projects of its own production. Broadcasting was carried out with the center in the city of Lviv mainly to Western Ukraine. Since 2014, ZIK has begun its transition to a nationwide level, expanding the range of copyright projects to twenty. At the core of most of them, the genre of journalistic investigation remains the same. The TV channel projects are based on the studios ZIK-Lviv and ZIK-Kyiv, which was opened on May 25, 2014. In early October 2016, the official presentation of the new central studio ZIKu in the capital’s International Center of Culture and Arts “October Palace” was held.

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