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Watch Astro TV Live TV from Germany

Watch Astro TV Live TV from Germany

Lifestyle TV Channel / Astro TV is a private TV station from Germany , which is operated by Adviqo AG and deals with astrology and esotericism . It is distributed in all German cable networks and also on program stations of several other transmitters. The program is mainly concerned with astrology, horoscopes , clairvoyance and charting . Interested viewers can call at a pay phone number.

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If a random generator has selected the viewer, this can be discussed live in the television broadcasting. In addition, Astro TV offers all first callers a free talk under a free 0800 number. According to Astro TV, there is no random generator that selects a viewer, but the order of the callers is decisive. From time to time, the first callers will be put to live in a live interview for this consultation.

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