Watch CDN Channel 37 Live TV from Dominican Republic

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Watch CDN Channel 37 Live TV from Dominican Republic
News TV Channel / CDN Channel 37 (Cadena de Noticias TV S.A.) is a Dominican commercial broadcasting company founded in 1996, broadcasting on channel number 37. CDN was founded on January 1, 1996, by the Dominican Popular Bank, broadcasting on Channel Number 37. It produces news, special coverage, and sports content. In 1999, CDN expanded by adding more reporters and broadcasts. The content was diversified into productions covering the distinct areas of art, health, economy, debates and opinion. CDN also created a digital platform to expand its scope. They are the official channel of Major League Baseball in the Dominican Republic. In 2005, CDN news and sports was included in the group Multimedios del Caribe led by Manuel Estrella and Félix García.

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