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Watch Eclypsia TV Live TV from France
Entertainment TV Channel / Eclypsia is a production company specializing in video games and electronic sports, created in April 2012. It is one of the oldest French WebTVs dedicated to e-sport. Eclypsia is established on 1 st April 2012 by Julien Thierry Bordeaux. In October 2013, the company moved to Ashford, England, to settle in the same place as the other companies managed by the shareholders of the company. After the launch of a news site and guides dedicated to video games, Eclypsia launches two WebTVs in early 2013, one devoted to the game League of Legends, the most played game in the world, The other more general ("TV1"), where entertainment programs and information about geek culture are broadcast. In terms of audience, Eclypsia's WebTV are among the biggest French gaming WebTVs alongside those produced by Millenium and O'Gaming.

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