Watch Hang Meas HDTV Live TV from Cambodia

Watch Hang Meas HDTV / Rasmey Hang Meas Live TV from Cambodia

General TV Channel / Hang Meas HDTV is a TV channel in Cambodia. Hang Meas HDTV is part of Raksmey Hang Meas Video Group Production, a media conglomerate entertainment company in Cambodia. It claims to own a major share (approximately 70%) of Cambodia’s entertainment industry, with a range of media platforms counting video and music video productions, radio stations, and TV stations covering news, sport, and entertainment.

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The TV channel began broadcasting in 2012 and became the first channel in the country to broadcast in high-definition. The TV channel also exclusively owns licenses to produce the format shows such as The Voice Cambodia, Cambodian Idol, X Factor Cambodia, and Cambodia’s Got Talent, The Voice Kids Cambodia, Cambodian Idol Junior, Killer Karaoke Cambodia, The Mask Singer Cambodia, I am A Singer Cambodia… as well as producing Khmer Drama Series, Leading Local News and Big Tour Concerts for many brands in Cambodia.

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Cambodia’s leading and most popular television station.

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The largest and most mature music production company in Cambodia.

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