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Watch Houdoukyoku 24 Live TV from Japan
News TV Channel / Houdouokyo is a news site operated by Fuji TV. Also describe Fuji Television on Demand etc. together with Web specialty news channel "Hoyo Dokyoku 24" delivered from April 1, 2015. Fuji TV, there are started broadcasting demands of the previous 24-hour news channel start-up from within the news bureau of the house from the news bureau, FNN at the news network because of the formation, the various video is a news material Even though it is complete, since there was no environment that can be broadcasted, we launched it as an environment that can be processed and delivered as net content, create contents with different molecules different from coverage to differentiate it from existing news specialty channels The concept is raised by Shigeharu Fukuhara, Deputy Director of the press department of Houdouokyo Project Leader.

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