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Watch Huda TV Live TV from Egypt

Watch Huda TV Egypt Live TV from Egypt

Religious TV Channel / Huda TV is an edutainment satellite channel having a versatile bouquet of Islamically themed programs and also conventional programs that suites all members of the family and all age groups.

To become the leading satellite channel to guide Non-Muslims, and to illustrate the correct understanding of Islam. To guide the viewers to the straight path by presenting religiously distinguished and informative materials that are appropriate for a large variety of viewers.

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A light in every home
welcome to Huda Tv YouTube channel. Huda TV stands out in terms of quality programming, decency and commitment to the message of Islam. As Muslims struggle to understand Islam and practice it in today’s modern environment, Huda is a light that shines, illuminating the way; clarifying complicated issues, motivating and inspiring the hearts and continually reminding our viewers to turn to Almighty Allah, seeking His mercy and guidance in every aspect of life. By watching Huda you can learn the correct recitation of Quran, learn the Arabic language, be entertained with quiz shows, learn calligraphy, cooking or enjoy our variety of children’s programs. Wherever you are, you can turn to Huda and learn and enjoy in an atmosphere of decency, piety and inspiration. Huda TV … A Light in Every home
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