Watch Live TV from Chile

Television is one of the major mass media of Chile. It was introduced in 1957. There are 63 broadcast stations throughout the country (plus 121 repeaters) (1997). The broadcast television system used is NTSC. The primary regulator of television content is the National Television Council (CNTV). The technical aspects are regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, through the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel).

The first television transmission in Chile took place on October 5, 1957, from the Catholic University of Valparaíso's main campus, giving birth to UCV, the country's first television channel. Two years later, on August 21, 1959, the Catholic University of Chile made an experimental transmission between its main campus and the El Mercurio newspaper headquarters, both in Santiago's downtown, inaugurating the country's second channel, Canal 13, occupying frequency 2 for a few years (now 13). Color television debuted in February 6, 1978.

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