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Watch Mega TV Live TV from Georgia

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Watch Mega TV Live TV from Georgia
Entertainment TV Channel / The independent TV company Megatv LLC is a media business development and active involvement in the creation of a democratic state. The vision line of the company goes through the values ​​that determine media independence, independence and impartiality. Improving new technologies, increasing professional growth and qualification, continuous efforts for financial and editorial independence are always a priority for the company. Mega TV has gone through a difficult and interesting way of development during the 24 years of existence. There was a lot of success stories and many important challenges. Since 1996, Mega TV has been actively involved in the public political processes. In 2001-2011, up to ten secondary and small projects financed by donor organizations were implemented. Started daily news production. Since 2010, journalism investigation has begun. In 2011-13, more challenges and challenges have come. Mega TV has founded a “TV network” with a number of regional TV channels, which helped the public and its efforts to maintain independence and stability, replaced the office and made new studios.

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