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Watch Murr Television MTV Lebanon Live TV from Lebanon

Watch MTV Murr Television Lebanon Live TV from Lebanon

General TV Channel / Murr Television, marketed and known as MTV Lebanon, is a Lebanese television station based in Naccache, Metn District. Founded in 1991 by Gabriel Murr, a Lebanese businessman and politician. MTV was shut down in 2002 as it was found guilty of violating article 68 of the electoral law of 1999 which bans propaganda during the election process, but since other Lebanese channels did not comply with the law either, some observers suspect that the closure was due to MTV’s criticism of the Lebanese government and of Syria. As well as lawsuit against MTV.

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In 2005, the Lebanese parliament decided to amend Article 68 and reopen the station after the Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon and the anti-Syrian opposition coalition won a majority in Lebanon’s parliament, but the station remained closed. The station reopened seven years later, on 7 April 2009, two months before the 2009 parliamentary elections. MTV partners with Studiovision and produces all its productions at their studios, which are in Lebanon and Dubai.

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