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Watch Nash Channel Live TV from Ukraine

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Watch Nash Channel Live TV from Ukraine
News TV Channel / “Nash Television” is more than television. This is a multifunctional media platform that meets the requirements of today’s consumer information. Nash Television technological complex, allows you to provide round-the-clock direct broadcast broadcast from your real and virtual studios, interacting with the viewer in any way convenient for him. Owing to this, “Nash Television” covers a wider audience: various age and social groups. Nash Television standards are: objective, independent journalism, which guarantees comprehensive freedom of speech and pluralism of opinions, such as officials, politicians and experts, as well as simple Ukrainians whose participation in the air is the main aspect of our projects. In our broadcast there will be: unverified information and manipulation, appeals for extremism, overthrow of the state system, interethnic and other disagreements, as well as everything that contradicts Ukrainian legislation and common sense.

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