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Watch RTV Studio B Live TV from Serbia
News TV Channel / RTV Studio B is a radio and television broadcaster in Belgrade, Serbia, which was the first broadcast station outside the national electronic media system. RTV Studio B broadcasts in a radius of 100 km around Belgrade, covering an area in which there are three million viewers. One notable program was Beograde dobro jutro, "Good Morning, Belgrade", which was launched in 1975. Studio B was launched as a radio station in 1970 by the journalists from the Borba group. In 1972, it became a corporation owned by Belgrade's Municipal Council. From 1975, Duško Radović was the editor of Studio B. It became independent in April 1991, but this was reversed by a decision of the corporate court on 15 February 1996. when the last serving director of NTV Studio B, Milorad Roganović, was removed from his duty, and from that day on, Studio B has served as a government-owned company. In October 1997, Zoran Ostojic was removed from the post of director and Lila Radonjic from the post of editor-in-chief of Studio B, and this was opposed by a demonstration. In May 2000, Studio B was again taken over.

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