Watch Teletica Telenoticias Recorded TV from Costa Rica

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Watch Teletica Telenoticias Recorded TV from Costa Rica
News TV Channel / Teletica (Channel 7) is a Costa Rican television channel operated by Televisora ​​de Costa Rica SA. In 2009 Teletica premiered its new channel called Xpertv 33 from Teletica. The 15 of June of 2013, Teletica unveiled its new channel called TDMAs which extended its signal across the country to subscribers of Cable Tica. In 2014 Xpertv de Teletica premiered its new block animated classics called Xpertv Cartoon. In 2017 Teletica premiered TDMás 2, as a second exclusive channel of Cable Tica. Teletica previously owned the frequencies of Channel 12 and Channel 11, which disappeared years later because they were only channels that retransmitted the signal and Teletica considered that it was not necessary to maintain them during more time. Nevertheless, it conserved Channel 33 that today is XPERTV33 of Teletica under the Slogan of: "Everything that needs to know of mouth of the experts".

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