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Watch O2.TV B92 Recorded TV from Serbia
News TV Channel / B92 was a television and radio broadcaster with national coverage headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. B92 operated from 1989 until 2017. Veran Matić was the CEO during its entire existence and one of the founders of B92. Dragan Đilas was also one of the founders of B92; he also was a news editor at the radio station. The station was a rare outlet for Western news and information in FR Yugoslavia under Slobodan Milošević, and was a force behind many demonstrations that took place in Belgrade during the turbulent 1990s. Due to this, B92 won the MTV Free Your Mind award in 1998, and many other awards for journalism and fighting for human rights. B92 is the subject of the best-selling book This is Serbia Calling. On 11 September 2017, B92 completed the proposed re-branding and started broadcasting under the name O2.TV.

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