Watch Live TV from Australia

Television in Australia began experimentally as early as 1929 in Melbourne with radio stations 3DB and 3UZ using the Radiovision system by Gilbert Miles and Donald McDonald, and later from other locations, such as Brisbane in 1934.

Mainstream television was launched on 16 September 1956 in Sydney with Nine Network station TCN-9-Sydney. The new medium was introduced by Bruce Gyngell with the words 'Good evening, and welcome to television', and has since seen the transition to colour and digital television. Bruce Gyngell re-enacts his introduction to the first regular television broadcast service to the residents of Sydney on TCN-9.

Local programs, over the years, have included a broad range of comedy, sport, and in particular drama series, in addition to news and current affairs. The industry is regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, through various legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice, which also regulates radio and in recent years has attempted to regulate the Internet.

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