Watch Live TV from Greece

Television broadcasting in Greece began in 1966 and this was preceded in 1951 by statute 1663 permitting television broadcasting. The two government channels, television being a government monopoly, during that period were ERT and YENED (for the military forces).

During the Greek military junta of 1967–74, television was used also for propagandistic reasons. The programme was a mixture of news and entertainment. A notable serial which still owns the watching record was the war drama O Agnostos Polemos (The Unknown War). After the collapse of the Greek Junta in 1974, ERT continue to dominate, appealing to a much larger audience than YENED. Color television broadcasts began in the late 1970s. Notable people were placed to improve the quality of the national channels, such as Dimitris Horn, Manos Hatzidakis and the Nobel laureate poet Odysseas Elytis.

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