Watch Live TV from Guinea

Watch Live Tv From Guinea
Watch Live TV from Guinea

The people of Guinea are among the poorest in West Africa and this reality is reflected in the development of the country's telecommunications environment. Radio is the most important source of information for the public in Guinea, and the only one to reach the entire country.

Television stations from Guinea: One state-run TV station, Radio Television Guineenne (RTG), foreign TV programming is available via satellite and cable subscription services (2011), 6 TV stations (1997).

Radio stations - one state-run radio broadcast station, Radio Télévision Guinéenne (RTG); RTG also operates several stations in rural areas; there are a steadily increasing number of privately owned radio stations, nearly all in the capital, Conakry; and about a dozen community radio stations (2011); 4 AM, 8 FM, and 3 shortwave (1998).

The government maintains marginal control over broadcast media, the media laws promulgated following the 2010 democratic transition have not been implemented, and there are reports of state censorship through journalist harassment and station closures.

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