Watch Live TV from Ireland

Television in the Republic of Ireland is available through a variety of platforms. The digital terrestrial television service is known as Saorview and is the primary source of broadcast television since analogue transmissions ended on 24 October 2012. Digital satellite (from Sky Ireland, Saorsat and other European satellite service providers are available) and Cable (from Virgin Media Ireland) are also widely used. The Irish satellite fill-in service (Saorsat) is via Ka-Sat using the Irish Ka band spot and has been available since June 2011.

While many people receive their television via Saorview, which is broadcast by 2RN, more than half subscribe to multichannel television networks. The biggest single multichannel television network in Ireland is Sky Ireland, which broadcasts digital satellite television services. Virgin Media Ireland, Magnet Networks, Eir and Smart Vision, among others, provide similar digital television services to Irish viewers.

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