Watch Live TV from Mongolia

Under a law passed in 2005, prominent Mongolian state-run radio and television became a public service broadcaster. Radio remains the most important medium, particularly for dispersed herdsman in the countryside. There are a large number of radio stations, both national and foreign, mainly based in Ulaanbaatar. Around 115 FM and 7 AM stations were on air in 2006, including the BBC World Service, Voice of America and other foreign stations. Radio broadcasts are in Mongolian, Russian and English.

Independent television has had a smaller impact compared to the former state run channel due to financial limitations, though private radio has had more success in the countryside which was once dominated by state radio. Satellite television is also growing in popularity, with 15 cable operators and up to 90 cable channels, including CNN, BBC, National Geographic Channel and news programmes from China, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea and many European countries. According to 2014 Asian Development Bank survey, 80% of Mongolians cited TV as their main source of information.

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