Watch Live TV from Morocco

Television in Morocco. Terrestrial television viewing was estimated at 20% of total television households in 2011. IPTV is offered by Maroc Telecom. Digital terrestrial television is gradually spreading, with 41 national and foreign channels. The national broadcaster SNRT aims to complete digital switchover by 2015. Morocco has nine domestic free-to-air channels: seven government owned, one privately owned, and one of mixed ownership. 2M TV started out as the first private terrestrial channel in Morocco, in 1989, however it became a mixed ownership channel as 70% of its capital was bought by the government. It is by far the most watched channel in Morocco, cited by 84% of TV viewers. Medi1TV (formerly Medi 1 Sat) is the privately owned channel, although 50% of its shares are owned by the public sector. The other seven channels are all government-owned.

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