Watch Live TV from Tajikistan

Television came to the territory of Tajikistan in the late 1950s, when the Tajik SSR still existed in the USSR. The television system of Tajikistan as well as other countries of the former USSR is part of SECAM. In the USSR until 1990 there were only two All-Union TV channels of the Central Television of the USSR State Television and Radio, called "First (Moscow)" and "Second (Orbit)" program (1st and 2nd program), and on the ground there was a third program (3 program). In the capitals of the union republics there were also the 4th and sometimes the 5th programs. In the Tajik SSR, the third program was the television program of the Tajik SSR, the 4th program in the territory of the Tajik SSR was occupied by the television of the Uzbek SSR. In the east of the republic, it was possible to catch the television of the Kirghiz SSR.

There are 24 licensed television broadcasting stations as of 2012, though only 15 are though to be actively broadcasting. There were an estimated 860,000 televisions in Tajikistan in 1991, approximately 1 for every 5.9 people.

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