Watch Live TV from Tunisia

Television in Tunisia reaches 94% of households. The dominant platform in the market is free satellite, though terrestrial platform reaches around 15% of the households. Tunisia has 17 Free-to-Air channels of which two channels are state-owned: El Wataniya 1 and El Wataniya 2. The two state-owned channels which are operated by the Établissement de la Radiodiffusion-Télévision Tunisienne have undergone management changes since the 2011 revolution, and consequently changes in programming and content.

The Établissement de la télévision tunisienne manages the public television stations (Tunisie 7 and Canal 21 which replaced the defunct RTT 2). Since government policy changes in 2003, the television industry has been opened up to the private sector. This resulted in two new channels on Tunisian television: Hannibal TV, Nessma and Nessma EU, and after the Tunisian Revolution several new private channels founded as Ettounisiya, Tunisna, TWT, TT1, Zitouna, Alinsen, Aljanoubia, TNN Tunisia News Network, Tsport, AlQalam, AlMutawasit and Elhiwar Ettounsi.

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