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Most television and radio media are controlled by the government Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. There are 16 channels available. However, satellite stations are received in the country unrestricted. Coverage in rural areas is low, due to poor infrastructure. Overall, 30% of the population receives broadcasts by the ZBC, so radio is the main source of information. In 2006, a parliamentary committee in Zimbabwe called for an opening up of the broadcast media. Chinese technology has been used to jam frequencies used by foreign based radio stations in South Africa, the US and the UK that criticise the government. The vast majority of the media is practically propaganda, all of it either eulogizes Mugabe, features pan-African programming, and heavily spreads anti-British and anti-American sentiment on its TV and radio programming.

In 2012 two private radio stations, StarFM and ZiFM were launched. StarFM is owned by the government-controlled Zimpapers. It offers political discussion from a heavily pro-government perspective and an expanded entertainment schedule. ZiFM, owned by Zanu-Pf MP Supa Mandiwanzira is more focused on entertainment although it also offers political and social opinion programmes that are heavily weighted towards pro-government positions. The two stations are seen as direct competition to ZBC’s commercial radio station, Power FM. In the presidential elections in 2008, the media gave significantly more coverage to the ruling party, Zanu PF, and rarely showed opposition broadcasts. It was also criticised for inciting violence against the opposition.

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