Watch Al Hadath Live TV from United Arab Emirates

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Watch Al Hadath Live TV from United Arab Emirates
General TV Channel / Al-Hadath is Arab news interactive channel focusing on political events in the Arab region. On January 12th, 2012, Al Hadath was launched as a free-to-air news and current affairs satellite channel, which operates as an extension of the long-standing Al Arabiya News Channel. From an editorial perspective, Al HADATH focuses on extensive live coverage of events as they happen from across the Arab world and beyond. This focus includes reporting on politics, breaking news, sports, business and finance. This is coupled with an in-depth studio analysis featuring high profile guests with coverage by the channel’s correspondents in the field. Al Hadath aims to reinvent the way networks operate within the restriction of conventional television programming. They do this with a capable team of reporters who ensure an uninterrupted news feed and truly impartial news coverage. Al Arabiya and Al Hadath news channels occasionally share key content in addition to news bulletins.

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