Watch Al Masriya Maspero Live TV from Egypt

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Watch Al Masriya / Maspero / Egyptian satellite channel directed to America Live TV from Egypt

News TV Channel / Al Masriya is an Egyptian national television channel broadcast by satellite1. Just like ESC (Egyptian Space Channel), which it succeeded in 2007, it includes a selection of programs from Egyptian public channels. Al Masriya is a subsidiary of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) and as such takes over the main programs broadcast by this network: successful Arabic series, sports broadcasts, variety shows, films and news bulletins.

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The broadcasts begin in the morning after a reading of verses from the Koran and continue with the morning program Sabah el kheir ya Misr (“Hello Egypt”) where information and practical sections alternate. Launched on December 12, 1990 under the name ESC 1, it was renamed Al Masriya in 2007. It is broadcast in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East on the Hot Bird and Astra satellites.

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