Watch Amou Yazid TV Live TV from Algeria

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Amou Yazid Tv Live Tv From Algeria
Amou Yazid TV Live TV from Algeria

Watch Amou Yazid TV Live TV from Algeria

Kids TV Channel / Born in Oran in 1970, whose real name Yazid Belabbas will, along with his studies, spending time with the music community. It began with a guitar and an accordion offered by his father at a young age. In 1990, he acquired his first synthesizer. Following graduate studies successfully it will, from 1993 to devote himself to music easily and song. The dexterity of his hands and know how to manipulate the synthesizer will make him "the man orchestra."

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Yazid Belabbas, better known by his name of television host Amou Yazid, or under his former name of singer of modern Algerian varieties Cheb Yazid, was born November 18, 1970 in Oran, Algeria. From a young age, he showed a certain interest for the song that he later concretized by several albums that will launch his musical career. Having always paid particular attention to the world of the child, he produced several albums in this perspective before stopping the song for adults and devote himself completely to childhood and animation by launching, on April 14, 2015, his first TV show Maa Amou Yazid, dedicated to the entertainment of children on the Algerian TV channel Echourouk TV. Her second program, Wladna Taht Jnahna, is intended to help parents in the education and learning of their children.

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