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Watch NZ Punjabi News Live TV from New Zealand

Watch Ankhila Punjab TV Live TV from New Zealand

General TV Channel / NZ Punjabi News is a premium quality 24X7 Punjabi News channel with a programming focused on quality news, current affairs, business, entertainment, religion, culture and education about Punjab and the Punjabi community in NEW ZEALAND.

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NZ Punjabi News is a media platform for the Punjabis who are settled all over the world. NZ Punjabi News (NZ) is international in quality while maintaining Punjabi ethos that brings together old and young, early immigrants and new arrivals, mainstream and the Punjabi community. Fair and Fearless news, engaging talk shows on current affairs, prime debate on politics and business subjects, community happenings including live broadcast of mega events from all over NEW ZEALAND. NZ Punjabi News (NZ) also brings to its audience rich content from fields of entertainment, music, film industry, religion and culture. The content is created keeping in mind needs of old and young, men and women, modern and traditional, spiritual and trendy

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