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Watch Beykent TV Live TV from Turkey
General TV Channel / Beykent TV, on March 1, 2011 in the body of Adem Çelik Şirketler Grubu; Turksat 3A, Cable TV 61. Channel and D-Smart started broadcasting on channel 245. The founder of the Channel Beykent University and Beykent Educational Institutions founder Adem Çelik; Chairman of the Board of Directors, his son Ismail Erkan Çelik. Beykent TV is a thematic channel with culture-arts and education at the top. Channel broadcasts are made at Beykent University Taksim Campus. Chief of General Staff Yasar Buyukanitchannel, the Red Line program. The channel, which was established as BEA TV, continues broadcasting as Beykent TV in June 2014. Beginning on January 5, 2015, Reality style programs began. Youth continues to broadcast as a channel.

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