Watch Canal 21 Live TV from El Salvador

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Watch Canal 21 Live TV from El Salvador
General TV Channel / It is a Channel of Varieties, with a programming for all public. Among the programming of this channel is the Dialogo interview program with Ernesto López, the National News Telenoticias 21, the youth program El Sótano, the sports forum Fanáticos +, among others. Group Megavisión is a Salvadoran broadcasting company that operates three television channels and more than twenty national radio stations. It was founded by Óscar Antonio Safie. It began with the creation of the news service, Channel 21, in 1994. Later Channel 19 targeted a female audience. In 2001, Group Megavisión created its third channel, Channel 15, named ESTV, "Salvadoran Television". In 2007, Channel 15 was shuttered after struggling to build an audience. In 2012, Channel 15 returned to the air and is now under the name of Movie World TV.

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