Watch Canal 6 Live TV from Nicaragua

Watch Canal 6 Live TV from Nicaragua

General TV Channel / Canal 6 is a Nicaraguan terrestrial television channel broadcasting from the city of Managua, owned and operated by the Government of Nicaragua. Canal 6 started broadcasting on January 17, 1957, as Nicaragua’s second television channel. It was owned by Salvadora Debayle de Somoza and Lilliam Somoza de Sevilla, daughter of the then president Anastasio Somoza Garcia.

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When the Sandinistas overthrow the Somoza regime in Nicaragua in 1979, Canal 6 was nationalized and became part of the state owned Sistema Sandinista de Televisión. With Violeta Chamorro’s triumph in the 1990 elections, Canal 6 became part of the rebranded state television network SNTV until 1997 when it was legally declared in bankruptcy under Arnoldo Alemán’s government. Canal 6 was restored by the Government and resumed operations in 2011.

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