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Watch China Xinhua News Live TV from China

Watch China Xinhua News / CNC World / China Xinhua TV Asia-Pacific Channel Live TV from China

News TV Channel / CNC World is a 24-hour global English-language news channel, launched on July 1, 2010. It is 51% owned by the China Xinhua News Network Corporation, and 49% by private investors, including Chinese home appliances maker Gree. CNC World’s mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of world affairs while explaining matters of direct concern to the Chinese leadership in a perspective its producers consider appropriate.

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The venture is part of Beijing’s effort to “present an international vision with a Chinese perspective,” Xinhua President Li Congjun said at the press conference announcing the launch of CNC World. Xinhua has leased a newsroom in New York on top of a skyscraper in Times Square to provide CNC World with prominent exposure in the United States. Its rivals include CGTN, New Tang Dynasty Television and Blue Ocean Network.

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