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Watch DanmarkC TV Live TV from Denmark

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Watch DanmarkC TV Live TV from Denmark

General TV Channel / DanmarkC TV is a local anchored TV station that, without any form of financial support, had a start on 1 November. The TV station's first broadcast was a direct program from Peugeot's premises on Vesterballevej in Snoghøj, and the program contained both interviews, feature and live music with the Beatless orchestra "SGT. PEPPER ". Since the start of the broadcast, DenmarkC TV has continuously developed and compassed the broadcasts to what they are today, and this skill lift continues at a fast pace.

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In March 2014 became DanmarkC TV selected to be one of the five local TV stations that was granted a broadcasting license in South Denmark. DenmarkC TV has a fleet that must always be operational. DenmarkC TV has an annual operating budget of just under 1.5 million. crowns. The amount is financed partly through state grants, and by performing external productions in the form of Web TV and profile film for companies.

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DanmarkC TV's Youtube kanal fremviser spændende og nervepirrende nyheder, programmer og andre udseendelser. På denne Youtube-kanal kan du følge med i Fredericia & Vejle's lokal liv og hvilke hendelser der fremkommer. Der vil være forskellige interessante serier, som du kan følge, som bliver uploadet hver uge. Du kan få mere information på vores hjemmeside,, hvor du kan se udseendelser og læsemateriale. Derudover kan du besøge vores Facebook, hvor der bliver uploadet materiale fra både Youtube og, her kan du starte en debat og udtrykke din holdning om det pågældende område.
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Her sender DanmarkC TV innovative nyheder, programmer og debatter fra dit lokale samfund.

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