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Watch Eldoradio TV Live TV from Luxembourg
Music TV Channel / Eldoradio is a Luxembourg - based private radio station based in Luxembourg - Kirchberg. The station can be received via VHF on the frequencies 95.0 - 105.0 - 107.2 MHz in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the surrounding area. In addition to the distribution of the program in all the major Luxembourg cable networks (Siemens, Eltrona, Coditel and others), the program is available as a live stream on the Internet where in addition to the main program five other station channels: Alternative, Chill, 80's, 90's and Top25. The hit radio was founded just after the liberalization of broadcasting and went on October 1, 1992 on air. The brand "Eldoradio" belongs to Luxradio, a S.à.rl, in which also the CLT-UFA sa is involved. Editpress is also a shareholder.

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