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Government TV Channel / Public Establishment of Television, abbreviated as EPTV, is a state-owned company that manages the activity of television in Algeria, going from production to broadcasting. It is the oldest broadcasting service in the country. It currently operates an eponymous television network Télévision Algérienne, eight television channels – Canal Algérie, A3, Channel 4, Coran TV, TV6, TV7, TV8, TV9. EPTV is an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU). It is also a shareholder in Euronews SA.

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TV1 is the first Algerian general public network of Public Establishment of Television group (EPTV in French), has started to broadcast its programs on 24 December 1956 during the French colonial period in Algeria. It is one of the most important television channels in Algeria. It produces entertainment and variety programs, in addition to several Algerian series and films. EPTV was the only television channel until 1994, when French-speaking Canal Algérie (now TV2) was created. On 5 July 2001, EPTV launched a new Arabic language channel for the Arab world to give an institutional image of Algeria.

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On 18 March 2009, EPTV launched a new Berber language channel called TV4, also referred to as Tamazight TV. On 18 March 2009, EPTV launched a new Religious channel called TV5, also referred to as Coran TV. On 26 March 2020, EPTV launched a new channel called TV6. The channel is aimed primarily at families and absorbed the content that was formerly carried by TV3 before becoming a predominantly news channel. On 19 May 2020, EPTV launched an educational channel called TV7. Before then, educational programming was carried on TV6. On 12 October 2020, EPTV launched a new channel called TV8. On 26 May 2022, EPTV launched a new channel called TV9. The channel covers proceedings from the Algerian parliament.

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