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Watch ESAT Recorded TV from Ethiopia

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Watch ESAT Recorded TV from Ethiopia
General TV Channel / Ethiopian Satellite Television is the first ever publicly funded satellite Television station broadcasting 24 hours of news, analysis, and entertainment programs. Ethiopia a country of close to 100 million people has one government owned and operated television station and quite a few FM radio stations that mainly operate in the capital and a few state capital cities mainly focusing on music and issues that are apolitical by nature. ESAT is established with the effort of a few committed individuals to break free the millions of Ethiopians who are seeking a quality information though satellite and web technologies. ESAT's transmission has been forces for 7 odd times to terminate its satellite TV broadcast because of the Ethiopian Governments interference in its transmission. Recently ESAT has started a 24 hours satellite radio transmission and is in the mean time working to re start its satellite TV broadcast. In addition ESAT has recently started a 1 hour shortwave radio transmission to Ethiopia and its neighboring countries. ESAT will continue its unrelenting effort to produce and broadcast quality programs covering a wide range of issues to its listeners.

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