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Watch Fact TV Live TV from South Korea

Watch Fact TV Live TV from South Korea

News TV Channel / Fact TV was established on December 22, 2007 as an Internet newspaper Kernal News by internet broadcasting which combined with reporting and broadcasting. After the change of name to the current name in 2013, it is focused on politics / economy / society / environment And various current affairs information. Press production We have an announcment room, a comedian room, and a news team in Korea, and the operation support room supports all tasks.

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It has a lot of know-how in the field of live streaming and has been certificated for its ability and technology through the production of outsourcing of various election broadcasts. Representative election broadcasts produced by outsourcing include Han Myeong-sook TV in 2010, Park Won-soon TV in 2011, and Moon Jae-in TV in 2012, It is the first broadcasting of domestic current events, and Virtual Studio has been opened to show new types of current events.

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