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Watch Great Belize Television Channel 5 Live TV from Belize

Watch Great Belize Television Channel 5 Live TV from Belize

General TV Channel / Great Belize Television, or as it is locally known, Channel 5, is a Belize City-based local television station established in December 1991. Channel 5 airs mostly American and Caribbean programs, as well as a variety of locally produced programs. It is a subsidiary of Great Belize Productions, a local production company established in 1982.

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Channel 5 is affiliated with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union and its subsidiary the Caribbean Media Corporation. Channel 5 has produced such popular programs as "Lauren Da Mawnin", "The Andy Palacio Show" and most recently Karaoke Television. Channel 5's general manager following its parent company's sale to Belize Telemedia is Amalia Mai, a veteran journalist She succeeds Stewart Krohn, also a veteran journalist.

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