Watch Helen Television System Live TV from Saint Lucia

Watch Helen Television System HTS Channel 4 Live TV from Saint Lucia

General TV Channel / Helen Television System, also known as HTS Channel 4, is a privately – owned national private commercial television channel in St. Lucia. Helen Television System was established in 1983 as a national television service for Saint Lucia on VHF channels 4 and 5. It was the only television channel in St. Lucia until the creation of DBS Television in 1987 and National Television Network in 2001.

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She initiated the regional exchange of television programs in the Caribbean. The chain takes its name from the official nickname of the island of St. Lucia, the “Helen of the West”, following the fierce fight between English and French to own the island, by analogy with Helen of Troy (Helena of the East), which was in ancient times the stake of a fierce struggle between the various Greek and Trojan princes.

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