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Watch Ifrikya FM Live Radio from Algeria

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Watch Ifrikya FM Live Radio from Algeria

General Radio Channel / Ifrikya FM which translates to African FM in French, is an Algerian public radio which was inaugurated on May 3, 2023 in Algiers, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day. Its objective is to give a voice to African listeners, with the slogan "The African voice". This radio station has no structural link with Algerian radio, and its first director is Mohamed Sayem, who is sometimes spelled Mohamed Saïm.

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, an official ceremony was organized in Algiers by Algerian radio. The ceremony was held at the Mariott hotel in Bab Ezzouar, in the presence of the Ministers of Communication and Religious Affairs as well as journalists.

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Ifrikya FM broadcasts its programs in 5 languages, in French (60%), Arabic (30%), Targui, Bambara and Hausa, the station plans to also broadcast in Fulani, Swahili, Wolof and other other African languages in the future, which represents a challenge which it intends to take up.

In Algeria, Ifrikya FM is available on the FM band in Algiers (105.6) and Tamanrasset (98.4). The station is also present on shortwave (SW) and on the AlcomSat satellite. The new radio broadcasts continuously 24 hours a day and produces 19 hours of programmes. Ifrikya FM is the second international Algerian radio after RAI (Radio Algérie Internationale), which broadcasts in four languages (Arabic, English, French and Spanish).

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The objective of this Radio is to contribute to the development of the continent by broadcasting educational, informative and cultural programs. The station relies on a team of motivated and talented young professionals to produce and broadcast its programs.


Summer Schedule 2023
Multilingual Time(UTC) Days Area kHz

0300-0600 daily Af 9470bec (t)
0600-0900 daily Af 15110bec (t)
0900-1100 daily Af 17600bec (t)
0900-1200 daily Af 17560org (t)
1100-1800 daily Af 21550bec (t)
1200-1500 daily Af 21455org (t)
1500-1800 daily Af 17560org (t)
1800-2000 daily Af 15160org (t)
1800-2100 daily Af 17600bec (t)
2000-0900 daily Af 13790org (t)
2100-0300 daily Af 13570bec (t)

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Notes: Algerian Radio's General African service in Arabic, French,
Tuareg, Hausa and Bambara. On air since May 2023. Has replaced domestic
service relays on shortwave {since 2006 year, wb.}
(WRTH 2023 summer suppl. #8, May 23)

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IFRIKYA fm la voix africaine - une radio africaine conçue par des Africains pour les Africains


IFRIKYA fm "La voix africaine"

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