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Watch Jabuka TV Live TV from Croatia

General TV Channel / Jabuka TV a local TV station broadcasting the program in the area of ​​the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County. Jabuka TV (OTV) was founded in 1988 and broadcasted on May 25, 1989. It was the first commercial television on the territory of former Yugoslavia, the first independent television house - the first outside the JRT state system. In years of democratic and transitional change, OTV has become the leading local television in Croatia.

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Since public television in those years was rarely seen and heard politically differently, the open media space OTV offered to all who had what to say had an important role in the democratization of Croatian society. At the same time, OTV played a leading role in raising the general standard of television production in Croatia. The status that he has acquired as the city television of the Croatian capital of Croatia has been utilized by OTV in organizing the network of local televisions.

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For a number of years, it has been operating as a whole called CCN (Croatian Comercial Network), broadcasting a joint program in a kick-off evening. The CCN's informational-political program played an important role in democratic change in 2000, when OTV was the main media alternative to the information monopoly of state television.

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