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Watch Jesus Teaching Ministry Kenya JTM Live TV from Kenya
Religious TV Channel / Jesus Teaching Ministry started in the year 2006 by Apostle Peter Manyuru. Since the year 2006, Jesus Teaching Ministry has continued to grow due to its commitment to the word of God and Healing and Deliverance. It has attracted people from all over the country hence opening new branches in major towns and city. Jesus Teaching Ministry has got four branches countrywide. 1. Kwang'amor Church, it is located in Okisimo Village in Busia County in Western Region of Kenya. 2. Malaba Church, It is located at the border town of Malaba that is also in Busia County Western Region of Kenya. 3 Bungoma Church, It is located at Kanduyi next to Bungoma Town, Bungoma town is in Bungoma County is also in Western Kenya. 4 The main branch of Jesus Teaching Ministry is located at the Kenya's capital Nairobi, It is located Kahawa House Along Haile Selassie Avenue Next to Easy Coach Booking Office Nairobi Kenya

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