Watch Jornal da Gazeta Live TV from Brazil

Watch Jornal da Gazeta Live TV from Brazil

News TV Channel / Jornal da Gazeta is a Brazilian television news show from TV Gazeta that has been showing since 1970. It airs Monday through Friday at 7:00 p.m. The anchors of the newscast are Rodolpho Gamberini and Stella Gontijo. The commentators are Ricardo Carvalho, César Giobbi, Bob Fernandes, João Batista Natali, José Nêumanne Pinto and Vinicius Torres Freire. The forecasts of the time are by Luciana Magalhães. From Monday to Friday, at seven in the evening, Jornal da Gazeta presents the main news of the day, special reports and interviews in the studio with politicians, economists and analysts of the Brazilian conjuncture.

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The interviews are conducted by Maria Lydia Flandoli. It has a version displayed at 10 at night, called Jornal da Gazeta – Edition of 10 , this one with thirty minutes of duration and re-displaying the previously shown news. Jornal da Gazeta is a Brazilian television news network appears Gazette since 1970

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A TV Gazeta é uma emissora comprometida em trazer conteúdos diversificados e com a cara de São Paulo para todo o país. Com 100% de sua programação produzida em solo nacional, a Gazeta se orgulha em ser uma TV 100% brasileira.

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