Watch Live TV from Norway

Television in Norway was introduced in 1954, but first program was shown in 1958, and officially begin on August 20, 1960. Like in Denmark, Norway had only one television channel until the 1980s. Some 40% of the population have cable TV, and 30% have satellite TV. Another 30% have terrestrial television only. In Norway, all advertising containing political messages and advertising aimed at children are prohibited. Channels such as TV3 are allowed to broadcast commercial breaks, as these channels are being broadcast via satellite from the United Kingdom. Non-Norwegian television programs, except for children's programs, are subtitled, not dubbed.

The first television channel in Norway, NRK1 was started officially in 1960 (then under the name NRK), but had regular programs since 1954. A second television channel, TV 2 was started in 1992. NRK started a second television channel, NRK2 in 1996. NRK1 goes out to 99,8% of all households, while TV2 has a 92% coverage and NRK2 and NRK3/NRK Super has 80% coverage. There are today 24 local television channels in the country, all terrestrially transmitted. The first local channel, TVBudstikka was started in 1986. Many of them cooperate with TVNorge, so that TVNorge use their transmitters when they are not broadcasting any programs.

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