TV from Vietnam

The first television broadcasts in Vietnam were in the 1960s when the United States and South Vietnam set up two channels (one Vietnamese language and one in English) in Saigon. The national broadcaster Vietnam Television (VTV) was established in Hanoi with technical assistance and training from Cuba in September 1970. VTV now is the largest television network in the nation, broadcast in nine FTA channels and available internationally via satellite. VTV also operates the largest cable network (VTVCab) and a DTH satellite service. These carry the nine FTA VTV channels: VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4, VTV5, VTV6, VTV7, VTV8, VTV9 ; sixteen Vietnamese subscription channels: VTVCab1 (Giải Trí TV), VTVCab2 (Phim Việt), VTVCab3 (Thể Thao TV), VTVCab (Văn Hoá), VTVCab5 (E Channel), VTVCab6, VTVCab7 (D Dramas), VTVCab8 (BiBi), VTVCab9 (Info TV), VTVCab10 (O2TV), VTVCab11 (TV Shopping), VTVCab12 (Style TV), VTVCab14 (Lotte Đất Việt Homeshopping), VTVCab15 (M Channel), VTVCab16 (Bóng Đá TV), VTVCab17 (Yeah1 TV), VTVCab19 (Film), VTVCab20 (V Family) & about 45 local & international channels.

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