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Watch NETVIET Live TV from Vietnam

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Watch NETVIET Live TV from Vietnam
General TV Channel / Since 1991, hotels, restaurants, clubs, government offices and diplomatic organizations in Vietnam have been permitted under license to install and operate satellite dishes to bring in foreign programming. Nowaday, most of people in large cities (such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) subscribe to a cable network. The largest network is VCTV/VTVCab (a division of VTV), follows by that of Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTVC), Hanoi TV (HCAtv/Hanoicab), and Saigon Tourist Cable Service (SCTV) – a joint venture between VTV and Saigon Tourist company. The latest payTV supplier is K+ – a joint venture between Vietnam Cable Television (VTVCab) and Canal+, first broadcast in later 2009 via Direct To Home (DTH).


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Hanoi Radio Television is the official radio and television network of Hanoi, Vietnam. It currently own 3 radio channels and 2 television channels: Hanoi Radio: the first broadcast channel of the network. Hanoi1: Hanoi TV 1, previously Hanoi TV, originally the network’s sole televised channel. It was modified as a news and social channel after the installment of Hanoi 2. Hanoi2: Hanoi TV 2, previously Ha Tay TV (HTV). It changed its name after the 2008 geographical merge of Hà Tây Province into Hanoi. It now serves as an entertainment and financial channel.
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