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Watch Tanasuh TV Live TV from Libya

Watch Tanasuh TV Live TV from Libya

General TV Channel / Tanasoh Tv Channel - The TV channel believed to be owned and supported by Sadiq Ghariani and his supporters and has been branded on numerous occasions as a radical Islamist propaganda outlet. Political subjects are usually discussed and often express inflammatory rhetoric. It is believed that the Tanasuh / Tanasoh TV channel was attacked in the past.

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The British government investigated Sadiq Ghariani for 'inciting Islamic insurgency' in Libya, which eventually led to his ban from the country. The Tanasoh TV channel, leniency towards ISIS and Ansar-Al-Sharia; Sadiq Ghariani and the sudden radical-Islamist surge in Tripoli and its domestic politics can be attributed to the very potential presence of the Muslim Brotherhood and the broad presence of a growing radical Islamist threat in Libya.

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