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Watch LMTV Live TV from Cote d’Ivoire

Watch LMTV – Lumière du Monde Télévision Live TV from Cote d’Ivoire

Religious TV Channel / Lumière du Monde Télévision (LMTV) is a pan-African generalist Christian television channel, which broadcasts in High Definition by satellite from Paris. It is available in English and French in 48 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. LMTV in French is available in TNT Africa, via CANAL+Afrique (N°199), STARTIMES (N°722) and in ADSL (TV Orange CI). Concerning LMTV in English, reception is possible Free-to-air on the Intelsat IS-20 satellite.

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VISION – Our vision is to promote, with the best of new technologies, family television respectful of biblical principles. MISSION – Our Mission is to provide an ideal communication platform for the promotion of good moral values. LMTV was founded in December 2008 by Dieudonné Gollet in Abidjan. In June 2023, it became available on the Freebox bouquet in France. LMTV broadcasts magazines, music videos, reports, documentaries and films. Every year, she organizes a singing competition for young people.

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Lumière du Monde Télévision or LMTV, is a pan-African evangelical Christian television channel which has its production studios in Abidjan in Ivory Coast. Available in French and English, it is transmitted by satellite in 48 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and in France, both with free access and by encrypted bouquets, TNT, OTT and the Web throughout the world.

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Lumière du Monde Télévision (LMTV) est une chaîne de télévision chrétienne généraliste panafricaine, qui émet en Haute Définition par satellite depuis Paris.

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