Watch MoozTV Live TV from Romania

Watch MoozTV Live TV from Romania

Music TV Channel / Music TV Network Mooz HD, Mooz Hits, Mooz Ro, Mooz Dance, Mooz Dance HD. The latest, energetic and ambitious music tv stations. All the songs you like. Young, brave, strong!

MoozDance is the network’s youngest station. It works by philosophy: Here we have something completely different: dance until you can’t, and then dance some more. All youth dance music, played in heavy rotation, but without repeating too often.

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Romanian music has found its right place. What sets us apart: MoozRo is the only television station that understood the fact that more and more people want to listen to Romanian music.

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The hits of the moment, in the most faithful format. What sets us apart: MoozHD streams the latest clips in HD for the viewers’ complete enjoyment.

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The most impressive collection of hits, without interruption. What sets us apart: MoozHits broadcasts, without commercial breaks, only the music of today: classic hits, contemporary hits. 24 hours a day.

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