Watch Music Box Live TV from Georgia

Watch Music Box Live TV from Georgia

Music TV Channel / MUSIC BOX Tbilisi – Interactive Music Television. MUSIC BOX Tbilisi – is part of the international network MUSIC BOX Group. It was created in Hungary in 1996, and then opened in Romania, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Russia and other countries. Georgia joined the popular TV network in 2005. MUSIC BOX Tbilisi was developed using the latest information technologies. It is a 100- bit interactive television.

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Our viewers not only watch, but also manage television and create their own air. The mobile and city phone viewer sends the desired clip code. The codes are constantly rotating in the rotor line. The clipping base is rich and constantly updated. It contains both popular popular songs and well-known hits of all time. The MUSIC BOX TV is a young and active generation, mobile communication and internet intensive user. We do not have the main irritating factor of televisions – “Mulaprake Chapters”. The audience is unity and creates their own television. I watch what I want – this is the motto of the international telex MUSIC BOX.

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